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wood cut tools

Shane can supply a range of woodturning tools and accessories.

See Shane using these tools on our videos page.

Payment by cheque or Internet Bank Transfer.
Post or courier costs are additional.
Prices are GST inclusive.

These are the latest prices at time of publication (April 2009), but may be adjusted by the manufacturers without notice.


Bowlsaver (with toolpost Unhandled) $382.00
Comes with CD and Full Brochure instructions
Foam Grip Bowlsaver and Cup tool Handle $54.00

Irons Tool Gate $105.00
with 1” tool post

Bowlsaver Laser Guide $127.00


Bowl gouges Handled
10mm $91.00
13mm $102.00
16mm $114.00
19mm $127.00

Shaft collars $18.00

Replacement Tips
10mm $32.00
13mm $38.00
16mm $46.00
19mm $50.00
Screw-on tip 13mm $44.00
Locktight for fitting tips $16.00
Parting tool
3mm Bevel edge $104.00
Rounded edge Skew
25mm $104.00
Cup Hollowing tool $93.00 Cup tool tips x 2 $30.00
Mini tools
Bowl Gouge 6mm $40.00
Parting tool 2mm $40.00
Forged Skew 10mm $40.00
Diamond Lap Stone Sharpener $23.00

Heavy Duty Diamond Dresser $32.00
Tool Angle Jig $15.00
Heavy Duty Lathe Stand $499.50
Pro-forme Hollowing Starter Kit $258.00
(Straight head, Handle)
Cup tool sharpening rod $16.00
Grinding wheel
80 grit white wheel (25mm) $41.00

Tru-Grind Sharpening System $183.00

Promount Adjustable Swivel Clamp
(with base mount and lathe thread) $304.00

Flexi Hollowing tool $141.00
(Medium size Unhandled)

Twin Collet Handle $123.00

Note: These tools are available unhandled at a lesser price and come with a ferral, so you can turn your own handle. Other tools are also available from the WOODCUT range.

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