Kauri Art - Hand turned and carved wood by Shane Hewitt




Carving flutes on Karui Vases 300 x 170

Carving details

NZ Red Gumm, natural edge 400 x 180

New Design

Hollowing demo. NZ Red Gum

Finished Pieces

Diamond Series Kauri 450 x 60

Kauri & Leather 450 x 75

Large Kauri vases 750 x 530

Spinning Top Kauri & Glass

Curly Kauri Stump Wood

Kauri Platter 500 x 70

Big Vases

Large Tararie and swamp Kauri pots

Reclaiming Kauri Stump wood

Kauri, Mallee burr, and Paua

Kauri, Mallee burr, and Paua

Kauri, Mallee burr and Paua

Kauri, Paua, shells

Kauri and Paua

New Zealand Blackwood and Paua

New Zealand Kauri, triangular with a twist

Spindle work

New Zealand Rimu Kauri and Leather.

New Zealand Kauri

Spindle work

Turning Action

Kauri head log natural edge
500mm x 350mm

Kahikatea bowl
400mm x 80mm

Kauri mixture of small items

kauri bowl
Recently finished Kauri Bowl
400mm x 100mm

kauri candle holder
Kauri double turned, one piece wing edged bowl
400mm x 150mm

kauri fiddleback grain

Kauri Fiddleback Grain
450mm x 350mm x 100mm

The kauri bowls to the left fit back into the original Kauri slab they were cut from in the photo above.

kauri bowls

© Shane Hewitt
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